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Mission Statement

Sharm International British School creates a caring, challenging environment in which all students are encouraged to fulfill their potential and are given opportunities to flourish in a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular interests.

We provide a close family environment where young people are educated to be tolerant, socially responsible and independent of mind, equipping them for our changing world. We are a community that challenges students to discover their talents, develop socially and excel.

At Sharm International British School, we value:

  • Each individual.
  • A rounded education, encompassing both academic and extra-curricular activity.
  • High standards, ensuring that everyone reaches their potential and celebrates personal success and achievement equally in all areas.
  • A warm, supportive and inclusive community, encompassing staff, students, parents and town.
  • Tolerance and respect for others, facilitating equal opportunities.
  • Enthusiasm, commitment and self-discipline.
  • The development of social responsibility and integrity.
  • Building self-esteem so that students develop the confidence and independence to be true to themselves.
  • A variety of opportunities for every student to discover an individual sphere of excellence and thus be challenged and inspired.
  • Preparation of students for lifelong learning.