Your Child’s Education
High Expectations, High Achievements

The English curriculum is broad and balanced and provides for the academic, moral, physical, creative, personal and social development of every child.


In our school we recognize that learning consists of:

• acquiring knowledge
• understanding ideas
• perfecting skills
• developing good attitudes

In order for this to take place the students must:

• be active in their learning
• be encouraged to think for themselves and become independent learners
• be encouraged to work with each other
• make progress and be challenged in each area of learning

Children are taught in small classes, by fully qualified British teachers who deliver the curriculum in the English language.

Some year groups are currently combined due to low student numbers. We anticipate that this will change next year as student numbers increase, giving us the funds to employ individual teachers for most year groups.

Specialist subjects are taught by different teachers, who are all qualified in their particular field of teaching. The school follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales, together with the Cambridge International curriculum, to ensure consistency throughout the whole school.

The Arabic curriculum is taught throughout the school.

Early Years (2½ -4½ years) *

Children enter the school in the Early Years. It is in this time that children learn and make sense of the world around them through play.

Reception Class (4½-5½ years) *

The Early Years curriculum is continued in Reception but supplemented with the additional subject demands of the Primary