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SSH Association For Cultural Care

Board of Directors

The school is staffed by a professional and dedicated team of people who, together with the families, make our school the special place that it is.

The school is governed by the SSH Association For Cultural Care, which was established as an NGO (Non Government Organization) in 2008.

This status is very important to the school as it gives transparency to the fact that any profit made during a school year will be reinvested into improving the facilities and resources of the school.

When a student is admitted to the school, one parent is required to become a member of the society; when vacancies on the board arise, society members will be notified by email and post, as well as notices posted in the school’s newsletter and on the notice boards.  Board members are elected from nominated society members; parents who have been society members for a minimum of 6 months are eligible for nomination and to are also allowed to vote.

To contact members of the board, please send an email to